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[ A crashing noise echoed in the hallways of True Cross as bricks and wooden structures crumbled from the pressure of their attacker. As if the sounds of destruction weren't enough to signify danger the angry roar of azure flames gliding through the corridors certainly would be.

To those curious as to the source of the sounds they would be greeted with the sight of Okumura Rin, consumed by the demonic blood that ran through him, looking for a fight with anything that moved.]

[[ooc: So Rin has essentially lost himself to his flames. He's super powered, void of reasoning, and heals even quicker than usual. Feel free to fight him... try to stop him... try to kill him... get hurt or killed...]]
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[The dorms are in top shape, but the same can't be said for some of the abandoned classrooms with no students to attend them. It is in one of these isolated rooms that Monaka finds herself, holed up in a corner and facing the wall as though she's being punished. In actuality, she'd managed to cup a stray Coal Tar in her hands and is now keeping it company. Her voice is soft, quieter than usual as she cradles the passive demon.]

Does it ever get lonely?
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[ Nineteen. Nineteen different attempts of finding an exit off campus and every single one of them landed him right back inside the school's dormitory, the last attempt actually spat him out onto the dusty ground almost as if it was getting annoyed at him. Dusting off his black trench coat, Yukio shot the door a nasty glare back. It would figure that a school ruled by a demon would have some.... personality quirks.]
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[It kinda took Kinzou awhile to realise anything was strange. He'd just come up to gather some notes for his father, and nothing struck him as odd at all until he, y'know, tried to leave. His first reaction was to get confused and ticked off and stomp around generally out of sorts.

It isn't right. He can't seem to find a cause for this at all, no matter what he tries. No demonic spells, no demons themselves, nothing. Just quiet and no way to get home. Frankly, it's freaking him out and giving him a headache, so he's plopped down next to a fountain somewhere, head in his hands and mussing his hair while he tries to think of a good solution to the problem.]

Think think think, Kinzou. What would Juu-nii do?
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[ The air here smells so sweet.

It's delectable. How long has it been since he last had a pair of nice, strong lungs with which to breathe in a cool breeze? Satan has lost all count of such things. The air here, though-- It is not quite the same as the way he remembers Assiah to be. It's distinctly... lacking. All that fills him is sweetness, and there is none of the putrid stench of those mice that call themselves mortal men.

Really, it's quite refreshing.

Holding up a pale hand, Satan flexes its sinews and its bones, bringing it up to caress his host's own face. Ahhh, the softness. There is such delicious pride in this one, such ego and such vanity as Satan so seldom sees. He's going to enjoy this flesh, of that he has no doubt.

Arthur A. Angel.

The body is holding up surprisingly well to his possession, able to contain all of his flames without splitting at the seams as his hosts tend to do. And the mind of the man is so very easily silenced and chained down. This 'Arthur' appears to be a very weak-willed and capricious creature at the end of the day. It's a match made in Heaven, if Satan should say so himself.

But if this creature whose body he has claimed is really so pathetic in the end, then there must be something more to why his body hosts Satan so well, and Satan has the distinct feeling it has something to do with the sweetness of the air here.

In fact, everything here is sweet. He is going to have so very much fun. Where to begin?

If memory serves, he has more than a few wayward sons on this side of creation.

Contrary to popular belief, Satan too cares deeply for those who have strayed from his flock. ]

Hello~? Is anyone out there?
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Southern Cross Monastery—it’s located on a relatively small stakeout of land completely surrounded by urban sprawl. The concrete walls barely separated the surrounding office and apartment buildings, a few billboards were visible from the property’s courtyard. Those gates were open just before dawn, anyone is welcome enter the monastery: provided they are able to pass the protective sigils. Those should not be a problem for ordinary humans.

One lone person stood in the courtyard, near the doorway of one building. Despite being dressed in priest’s garb, he still wore a scarf wrapped around his neck, and had his hands stuffed into his pockets to keep warm out in the winter chill. However, there’s nothing to grumble about. The forecast called for snow on this day, and snow was his favorite thing about this season.

(( OOC: Haah... no idea if this sort of scene is allowed since it doesn't quite fit the scenario in the community description. If not, PM me and I'll remove the post. But anyway! It's an open post, time setting before the series beginning. So, how soon before the series beginning is up to you. I'll roll with it. ))
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[Somewhere on the school grounds, preferably near a body of water, there's a two-tailed cat sitting at the edge of a lake. Just sitting there, staring at something intently in the water. You think he was just a statue, how still this cat is just sitting there.

He watches, and he watches...waiting. Suddenly, there is movement, a swipe! The water ripples and splashes about. Something quickly swims away beneath the water. The cat let's out a disgruntle growl.]

Next one! I'll catch the next one!

[Ooc: Since this is a DR...I guess you can actually hear what Kuro's saying if you want? 8|a]
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[ It's Yaozou's one day off.

All the boys are out. Renzou is with their young master off at school. Kinzou and Juuzou are with Mamushi on a small expedition to catch some unidentified minor demons making a fuss in a nearby village. His wife is with their remaining three children on a much-needed vacation, according to her, and Yaozou had been all too willing to volunteer himself to hold down the fort with Uwabami while they were all out.

Uwabami only just left after they'd had themselves a game of shougi and tea.

Yaozou had been inches away from settling himself down to do some much-needed weeding in his vegetable garden. Utter peace and quiet had been promised to him for at least another two days.

This. This is unacceptable.

He glances around the academy grounds with a stern eye, maintaining his composure. (Although there is a distinct twitch beneath his eye now. Buddha has it out for him. There is no other explanation than that. He must have been a murderer and a rapist and a child-killer in a past life, sent into this one purely to atone for those sons. ) ]

Demons, show yourselves!

[ Because if it's not a demon who did this to him, boy are they going to wish that they'd been born with the regenerative capabilities of one. Or possibly never born at all.

ooc note: Yaozou's taken from much prior to the Impure King incident because having him hobbling around on crutches, while badass like nothing else, seems a bit cumbersome. Also boils. ]
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[ Hinata feels strangely light-headed, but warmer than he had the moment before. His fingertips are still stiff and numb, his gait stumbling, but somehow his back feels sun-warmed and the breeze is gentle against his face. But that's impossible. Last he remembers, it was night and--


He drops to his knees, clutching at the diagonal slash wounds across his chest which are bleeding profusely, his torso in ribbons, sliced open almost deeply enough to see the whites of his ribs. It doesn't hurt much, though. Nothing does. He stares sightlessly at the ground, unaware of his surroundings. He's focused on just one thing. He tries to breathe and make his fingers flex, to make his body obey him as it wouldn't only minutes ago. Just one small twitch.

His fingers close, and his body sags in relief. His mind is empty, void of everything but himself.

That's good. That means it's gone, and he's himself again. That means-- ]


[ His voice is rasping and dry, and he sluggishly lifts his gaze to try to find his familiar. ]

Hey, Night-- I'm... I'm sorry.


[ ooc note: Yep, OC from the pilot chapter here. This is Satou Hinata, better known as the host body to Night from the Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident. All of this is completely made up with no shortage of gratuitous made-up details. More details can be found on his profile! Please do forgive us for our self-indulgences and bother him a little if you'd like! ]
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As it appears my school has been turned into the local hang out... A call for attendance seems to be in order!

I have no qualms with letting the grounds become home to everyone however I request that campus rules are still followed. Uniforms for students, finer clothes for teachers, and of course respect for the schools property.

I'm sorry to inform, but since I am still the acting chairman, no one leaves without my explicit permission.
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[ Well this is really pleasant.

It's some sort of science class, apparently. And he's poking the dead... something... yeah, he wasn't listening when the teacher said what it was. It resembled a rotting frog. And staring at it.

Man, nobody wants to cut them up. It's gonna smell like crap.



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*All right. So for Yukio, it's day three of being stuck here with absolutely no other people in sight and absolutely no way out -- even his Keys won't take him to the base or the classrooms!! -- and he's nearly, by now, worked himself up to the point of panic. He's still got his guns at least, and there's one in his hand right now as he peeks around a corner inside one of the huge campus buildings... at this point, he's just trying to find signs of life. Hopefully friendly life, but... maybe that's too optimistic...*

((I'm new at Yukio and so so wobbly orz, sorry in advance if I suck))
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*so, wherever you are on campus, guess what. There is a frou-frou little white terrier with a pink bow sleeping on top of you.

Deal with it.*