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[The dorms are in top shape, but the same can't be said for some of the abandoned classrooms with no students to attend them. It is in one of these isolated rooms that Monaka finds herself, holed up in a corner and facing the wall as though she's being punished. In actuality, she'd managed to cup a stray Coal Tar in her hands and is now keeping it company. Her voice is soft, quieter than usual as she cradles the passive demon.]

Does it ever get lonely?
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[ Nineteen. Nineteen different attempts of finding an exit off campus and every single one of them landed him right back inside the school's dormitory, the last attempt actually spat him out onto the dusty ground almost as if it was getting annoyed at him. Dusting off his black trench coat, Yukio shot the door a nasty glare back. It would figure that a school ruled by a demon would have some.... personality quirks.]
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[It kinda took Kinzou awhile to realise anything was strange. He'd just come up to gather some notes for his father, and nothing struck him as odd at all until he, y'know, tried to leave. His first reaction was to get confused and ticked off and stomp around generally out of sorts.

It isn't right. He can't seem to find a cause for this at all, no matter what he tries. No demonic spells, no demons themselves, nothing. Just quiet and no way to get home. Frankly, it's freaking him out and giving him a headache, so he's plopped down next to a fountain somewhere, head in his hands and mussing his hair while he tries to think of a good solution to the problem.]

Think think think, Kinzou. What would Juu-nii do?


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