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As it appears my school has been turned into the local hang out... A call for attendance seems to be in order!

I have no qualms with letting the grounds become home to everyone however I request that campus rules are still followed. Uniforms for students, finer clothes for teachers, and of course respect for the schools property.

I'm sorry to inform, but since I am still the acting chairman, no one leaves without my explicit permission.

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I'm sure no one intends to break school decorum just because we've all been trapped inside, Chairman. Or at least I would hope not.

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Is this a 'public place,' Brother? Or should I just report in later?

[ Amaimon's poking his head in only just so, because as far as he knows, Mephisto has some kind of public image to uphold that doesn't mix well with demon princes.

Of course, that wisdom doesn't exactly extend to, say, not asking if they're in public while in public, but what can you do? It's Amaimon. Mephisto signed on knowing he wasn't getting the brightest crayon. ]
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Finer clothes for teachers? Again with this bullshit, yer pink polkadot?
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Tch. I've got a scarf.

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What? No one at all?

[But he had things to do! Other things. Off-campus things. Come on!]