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[It kinda took Kinzou awhile to realise anything was strange. He'd just come up to gather some notes for his father, and nothing struck him as odd at all until he, y'know, tried to leave. His first reaction was to get confused and ticked off and stomp around generally out of sorts.

It isn't right. He can't seem to find a cause for this at all, no matter what he tries. No demonic spells, no demons themselves, nothing. Just quiet and no way to get home. Frankly, it's freaking him out and giving him a headache, so he's plopped down next to a fountain somewhere, head in his hands and mussing his hair while he tries to think of a good solution to the problem.]

Think think think, Kinzou. What would Juu-nii do?
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[ It's Yaozou's one day off.

All the boys are out. Renzou is with their young master off at school. Kinzou and Juuzou are with Mamushi on a small expedition to catch some unidentified minor demons making a fuss in a nearby village. His wife is with their remaining three children on a much-needed vacation, according to her, and Yaozou had been all too willing to volunteer himself to hold down the fort with Uwabami while they were all out.

Uwabami only just left after they'd had themselves a game of shougi and tea.

Yaozou had been inches away from settling himself down to do some much-needed weeding in his vegetable garden. Utter peace and quiet had been promised to him for at least another two days.

This. This is unacceptable.

He glances around the academy grounds with a stern eye, maintaining his composure. (Although there is a distinct twitch beneath his eye now. Buddha has it out for him. There is no other explanation than that. He must have been a murderer and a rapist and a child-killer in a past life, sent into this one purely to atone for those sons. ) ]

Demons, show yourselves!

[ Because if it's not a demon who did this to him, boy are they going to wish that they'd been born with the regenerative capabilities of one. Or possibly never born at all.

ooc note: Yaozou's taken from much prior to the Impure King incident because having him hobbling around on crutches, while badass like nothing else, seems a bit cumbersome. Also boils. ]


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