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Southern Cross Monastery—it’s located on a relatively small stakeout of land completely surrounded by urban sprawl. The concrete walls barely separated the surrounding office and apartment buildings, a few billboards were visible from the property’s courtyard. Those gates were open just before dawn, anyone is welcome enter the monastery: provided they are able to pass the protective sigils. Those should not be a problem for ordinary humans.

One lone person stood in the courtyard, near the doorway of one building. Despite being dressed in priest’s garb, he still wore a scarf wrapped around his neck, and had his hands stuffed into his pockets to keep warm out in the winter chill. However, there’s nothing to grumble about. The forecast called for snow on this day, and snow was his favorite thing about this season.

(( OOC: Haah... no idea if this sort of scene is allowed since it doesn't quite fit the scenario in the community description. If not, PM me and I'll remove the post. But anyway! It's an open post, time setting before the series beginning. So, how soon before the series beginning is up to you. I'll roll with it. ))
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[Somewhere on the school grounds, preferably near a body of water, there's a two-tailed cat sitting at the edge of a lake. Just sitting there, staring at something intently in the water. You think he was just a statue, how still this cat is just sitting there.

He watches, and he watches...waiting. Suddenly, there is movement, a swipe! The water ripples and splashes about. Something quickly swims away beneath the water. The cat let's out a disgruntle growl.]

Next one! I'll catch the next one!

[Ooc: Since this is a DR...I guess you can actually hear what Kuro's saying if you want? 8|a]


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