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Name:Ao no Exorcist Dressing Room
Website:OOC Comm
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Welcome to True Cross Academy, it's so great to see you here! We hope you'll enjoy your time on our stately campus with its top-notch dining, first-class dorm accommodations, and expansive grounds full of activities -- particularly since, oops, it seems all exits to the outside world have been sealed with some very powerful magic indeed, and no one who comes in can get back out even with the use of Keys. Oh, and don't be too worried about the fact that everyone save for you and your recently-sealed-in comrades seems to have disappeared; the rest of the school is probably safe and sound off... somewhere. Rarely-seen familiars seem to be kindly taking care of the cooking, cleaning, and other groundskeeping chores, so feel free to just relax and enjoy your campus life -- but don't forget to keep an eye out for the occasional demon attack!

AoEx Dressing Room is, as you might expect, a dressing room RPG for characters from the Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist anime/manga series by Katou Kazue. Standard dressing room conventions apply; specifically our rules are:

1. Character duplicates, AUs, and OCs are allowed. (Pilot chapter characters are also welcome!)
2. Feel free to add onto the setting as you like; we've only seen a small fraction of the huge Academy in canon, after all!
3. No godmoding, metagaming, shit-stirring or disrespectful behavior.
4. We aren't the roleplay police, but it'd be cool if you try your best to stay IC and use good spelling/grammar.
5. Please tag posts with your character's full official name; Japanese names are in Japanese order. Examples: Okumura Rin, Mephisto Pheles, Arthur A. Angel. It'd be nice if posts included a tag for every participating character, not just the OP, but we won't be too strict about it.
6. We're okay with graphic violence and adult material, but it should be member-locked, cut, and filtered with the appropriate adult filter.

Have fun! If any questions or problems crop up, please feel free to PM [personal profile] aoex_mod or anyone listed under Administrators :)

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