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[ Well this is really pleasant.

It's some sort of science class, apparently. And he's poking the dead... something... yeah, he wasn't listening when the teacher said what it was. It resembled a rotting frog. And staring at it.

Man, nobody wants to cut them up. It's gonna smell like crap.


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[ That's okay, someone will just do it FOR YOU.

The scalpel is now embedded where that babby frog demon's head is...was.

You don't have to even thank him. ]

It's already dead.

You know you like it. /unsure

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[ Oh hey it's leaking purple stuff, going to just wag this 'bloody?' scalpel at the face of. ]

What's wrong?

Don't be tsun

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It's not so bad. [ Much worse things in Gehenna bro. ]

Does it matter what the reason is?

[ wagwags a clawed hand before pointing up, at the rafters to answer that last question. ]

Come to big brother !!

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[ CRANES HIS HEAD TO ONE SIIIIDE. That went over his head, as far as he is concerned THEY ARE BOTH BLOOD BROTHERS. ]

Would you like to find out?
[ Totally not said in any threatening way, he's just innocently curious. ]

Come back when you're over 100!

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[ And as that chair creaks with Rin's weight, Amaimon wastes no time to lean the short distance forward, perhaps awkwardly too close for comfort-- clawed digits circling a wrist that- yes, does not belong to him.

Scalpel in hand! ]

Where should I cut first?

That's Mephisto and--- YOU LIAR.

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[ Oh- why the fighting now? He doesn't understand. Didn't he want to learn about it??? He's not letting go, but-- he's not trying to stab you with it. Yet. ]

This is nothing... you shouldn't be afraid of being cut.

[ Vacant stare right back at ya little bro. ]

You wanted to know right? You're the same as me.

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[ And he's just oblivious to all this denying because to him, it's bright as day. Blue flames = Daddy genes = you are a demon.
Also he has no idea you're talking about color. ]


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You're still like me. But don't worry little brother.

[ HEY BE HONEST if you had to choose Mephisto's or Amaimon's WHICH WOULD YOU PICK?? ]

I'll help you see it, that sword is the only thing stopping it you know.

[ That sword that's currently in Amaimon's hands that is. Inspecting it again. ]

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[ Demon on-- Demon off- Demon on--- demon off. Yep just unsheathing and sheathing it repeatedly again.

It's kind of amusing to watch. ]

oh html fail LOL

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[ Oh but it's totally amusing. Well okay-- he'll just close the sword, for now, and use it's hilt to poke at that dead little carcass on the table there. ]

Little Brother is pretty demanding.
But still doesn't like doing anything himself. . .

[ Or so in his opinion anyway. Don't wanna join the family creed of being a demon, don't wanna dissect a dead frog demon thing. Jeez. ]

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That's rude to say to your older brother.

[ Still poking at it with the sheath over here. Pokepoke-- oh wait it's head just rolled off the table and into Rin's lap. Aha....

Ceases his poking now just to stare at it. ]