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...guess someone has to make the 1st post

*so, wherever you are on campus, guess what. There is a frou-frou little white terrier with a pink bow sleeping on top of you.

Deal with it.*

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[oawijcoesirjgf WHAT IS THIS.]

Oi, get off!

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[So help her God, if he weren't her boss...]

Yer like a damn fur coat, I can't nap with a heating pad on my chest!

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[Can she pick him up by the scruff? She's going to try picking him up by the scruff. ...And dropping him on the floor.]

You laying down somewhere else is what you can make do with.

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[N-no not the puppy dog eyes D: HER ONE TRUE WEAKNESS!]

I'm too warm, that's the problem!

[But... she's scooting over, just the tiniest bit, so he can hop back onto the couch.]

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[Napping being a high priority is one thing they can agree on, that's for certain. Shura tucks an arm back under her head and yawns.]

Eh, ya mean you didn't do this?

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[She'd assumed it was just this room and the hallways nearby that were empty, because that's all she'd had the chance to see and the idea of the entire academy being emptied? That's just absurd. But now... Well, now she's giving him a belly rub as she thinks. He's lucky he's cute like this.]

The hell could've caused something like that...

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[Clearly XD]

Whatever it is, I don't wanna be the one stuck fixin' it. [Making a bit of a face at him now, even as she continues petting. Of course she's good with her hands, how else would she be able to handle swords so well~?]

And don't say such weird things when you look like that.
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Yeah, yeah, I'll do yer dirty work~ [She matches his dry tone with a blithe one.]

It ain't like I'll have anything better to do.

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Sure thing.

[She stretches out to fill the entirety of the couch when he hops off, paying his transformation no mind.]

Figure I'll explore in a bit, see what's changed beyond the lack of people. After that... [She shrugs.] If everyone really is gone, that means I ain't gotta pay anyone to go have drinks at the bar♥

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[Rin is sprawled across the edge of a fountain. He's been all over the school by now, explored every nook and cranny he could get to, but the entire campus is just empty.] This is so weird-

[Wait a second.

He lifts his head, blinking down at Mephisto as he finally notices that the Chairman's decided to take a nap on his stomach.]

W-when the hell did you get there?!


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No one told you you could sleep there, anyway-


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[SUDDENLY, Rin sits up, the movement dumping the dog unceremoniously onto his lap instead.

At least he didn't fall into the fountain?]

Finally! I thought this place was deserted! Hey, you know what's going on here, right?