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This is going to be hideous

[ A crashing noise echoed in the hallways of True Cross as bricks and wooden structures crumbled from the pressure of their attacker. As if the sounds of destruction weren't enough to signify danger the angry roar of azure flames gliding through the corridors certainly would be.

To those curious as to the source of the sounds they would be greeted with the sight of Okumura Rin, consumed by the demonic blood that ran through him, looking for a fight with anything that moved.]

[[ooc: So Rin has essentially lost himself to his flames. He's super powered, void of reasoning, and heals even quicker than usual. Feel free to fight him... try to stop him... try to kill him... get hurt or killed...]]
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[ Shirou isn't quite sure how this happened, but how is far less pressing right now than putting a stop to it. Rin's going to hurt someone at this rate, or worse he's going to get hurt himself. Gritting his teeth, he tries to think of how many anti-demon measures he can take that won't hurt his son too badly.

It's times like this that Shirou finds Meistering in Dragoon has been entirely inadequate in preparing him for life. He shoulders the first blunt, sturdy object he can find--in this case it's a metal length of pipe jutting out of a broken wall--and sprints after his son.

Maybe if he can just pin the kid down, he can get through to Rin somehow. ]