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[The dorms are in top shape, but the same can't be said for some of the abandoned classrooms with no students to attend them. It is in one of these isolated rooms that Monaka finds herself, holed up in a corner and facing the wall as though she's being punished. In actuality, she'd managed to cup a stray Coal Tar in her hands and is now keeping it company. Her voice is soft, quieter than usual as she cradles the passive demon.]

Does it ever get lonely?

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[ Hinata, meanwhile, is just patrolling in his spare time. Not a lot else to do around here, and he's still somewhat sore and healing from his run-in with, well. Anyway.

Actually he's passed the 'sore' phase of his healing and has entered the 'itchy' phase, which always invariably gets him out of bed despite doctor's orders. He just can't lie still and let himself itch. It goes against basic survival instinct, or something like that.

He's just passing through when he hears a young girl's voice coming from one of the classrooms, as even quiet noises echo something awful in these empty halls. He pokes his head in just to check up on her. ] [ At first he wonders if she might not be talking to herself, but then he catches a glimpse of her cupped hands and the coal tar that's floating around in them. Ah, so that's it. ]

Nah, I wouldn't think so. He ought to have lots of little buddies just lying in wait.

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[ Huh? Hinata glances down at himself, only to find that nope, he's definitely not in uniform. His was all torn up and he's yet to find a replacement, so he's just wearing civvies today. So how does she know he's an Exorcist? Has she seen him around before, maybe? ]

Er, yes, that'd be... me, I guess. [ Squint. ]

I'm really sorry, Miss-- I'd like to think I'd never forget a face as pretty as yours, but--

...have we met?

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[ That causes Hinata to pause, looking her up and down as he tries to put two and two together. He's never been on a mission to any kind of mansion, and for that matter he'd definitely remember saving a cute-as-a-button girl like this one.


Night said it's been something like ten years since he passed away. So--

He tries to remember the few times he managed to cajole his familiar into describing Monaka to him, and though the child Night described was a sweet little girl with dark hair and eyes, Hinata can't shake the gut feeling that this is the girl.

It's worth a shot, anyway, and if he's wrong he'll just have to apologize a lot and hang around her until he makes up for it. ]


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[Oh man, and here Night thought doing a routine check on the Coal Tar populations in the school grounds would be simple. Who knew he'd run into the two people he never imagined to see in the same room together. It was just his luck that he was already through the doorway too.

Of course in his attempts to slip out of the room undetected Night hip checks one of the tables and knocks down a sizable stack of books.

... [Dammit.]

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Loneliness is a symbol of the hearts desire for the material world. [He responds with a gentle laugh, letting a large hand rest on the girls shoulder. You can take a monk out of his temple, but not the temple out of the monk.]

Are you missing someone?

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[Tatsuma peers down to the Coal Tar in the girls hands.]

Ah-be careful with that one. [He'd lift his hand from her shoulder to wave it at the small rot demon, giving it a small updraft to lift it from her palms.]

Even alone they have a tendency to get people sick. Wouldn't want a young lady like yourself to end up bed ridden on a day like this.

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That's a good question. I don't think anyone's ever asked them. [And he was no exorcist trained by true cross. ]

Or if there's anyway to ask them. [Unless Monaka had an ability to understand the creatures that couldn't speak for themselves.]