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[ Nineteen. Nineteen different attempts of finding an exit off campus and every single one of them landed him right back inside the school's dormitory, the last attempt actually spat him out onto the dusty ground almost as if it was getting annoyed at him. Dusting off his black trench coat, Yukio shot the door a nasty glare back. It would figure that a school ruled by a demon would have some.... personality quirks.]

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[Have a few more unexpected quirks Yukio, your big brother, now bitty.]

Are you okay mister??? [Rin, no more than six years old size, will be toddling over, unaware that the individual in front of him was his younger twin...just...older.]

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I am! [Up close now-and holding out a dirt covered hand to Yukio to help him up.]

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[Well 'pipsqueak' Rin is going to pull 'giant' Yukio to his feet whether he likes it or not.]

But you were thrown out of that door!

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[And if one unexpected version of his brother wasn't enough, now Yukio has a more or less visual copy of Rin.

Looking far more surprised at the sudden teenager appearing from a doorway and right into his walking path.

Geez-! Warn a guy will ya'??

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... You get into a fight with a gate guardian? I don't think I've ever seen someone fly out of a doorway that fast.

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[It's not everyday that a man pops out from thin air, which is sudden enough that Monaka gasps quietly and watches from a couple yards away as Yukio glares at the door. But more concerned over his well-being at the rough entrance than anything else, she approaches.]

Are you all right?

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[She shakes her head, a somewhat curious look on her features.]

You suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Did something happen?

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[Well, Yukio, as if that wasn't frustrating enough, have your old student Kamiki... except ten years older, dressed in exorcist's attire, and with a pretty drastic haircut. Who is giving you a weird look, because you are ten years too young and definitely not as Paladin-y as she remembers you.]