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can't stop me now baby

[It kinda took Kinzou awhile to realise anything was strange. He'd just come up to gather some notes for his father, and nothing struck him as odd at all until he, y'know, tried to leave. His first reaction was to get confused and ticked off and stomp around generally out of sorts.

It isn't right. He can't seem to find a cause for this at all, no matter what he tries. No demonic spells, no demons themselves, nothing. Just quiet and no way to get home. Frankly, it's freaking him out and giving him a headache, so he's plopped down next to a fountain somewhere, head in his hands and mussing his hair while he tries to think of a good solution to the problem.]

Think think think, Kinzou. What would Juu-nii do?

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[Monaka still isn't used to going outdoors, so suddenly winding up in an unfamiliar place is alarming and confusing, but also exciting. She's in the middle of an aimless exploration when she comes across a fountain, and subsequently Kinzou, whom she quietly approaches from behind. Maybe he can tell her about this place, though, oh, whose name is that he's muttering?]

Excuse me . . .

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Hey-Shima's brother!

What are you doing here?
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It isn't healthy to talk to yerself, ya know.