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and an angel descends upon us

[ The air here smells so sweet.

It's delectable. How long has it been since he last had a pair of nice, strong lungs with which to breathe in a cool breeze? Satan has lost all count of such things. The air here, though-- It is not quite the same as the way he remembers Assiah to be. It's distinctly... lacking. All that fills him is sweetness, and there is none of the putrid stench of those mice that call themselves mortal men.

Really, it's quite refreshing.

Holding up a pale hand, Satan flexes its sinews and its bones, bringing it up to caress his host's own face. Ahhh, the softness. There is such delicious pride in this one, such ego and such vanity as Satan so seldom sees. He's going to enjoy this flesh, of that he has no doubt.

Arthur A. Angel.

The body is holding up surprisingly well to his possession, able to contain all of his flames without splitting at the seams as his hosts tend to do. And the mind of the man is so very easily silenced and chained down. This 'Arthur' appears to be a very weak-willed and capricious creature at the end of the day. It's a match made in Heaven, if Satan should say so himself.

But if this creature whose body he has claimed is really so pathetic in the end, then there must be something more to why his body hosts Satan so well, and Satan has the distinct feeling it has something to do with the sweetness of the air here.

In fact, everything here is sweet. He is going to have so very much fun. Where to begin?

If memory serves, he has more than a few wayward sons on this side of creation.

Contrary to popular belief, Satan too cares deeply for those who have strayed from his flock. ]

Hello~? Is anyone out there?
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*at this point, he honestly doesn't notice anything. Whatever power keeping Satan from burning up his mortal body seems to be keeping his son from detecting his presence, or perhaps that's just Satan's own power and cunning at work -- at any rate, Mephisto certainly isn't expecting to see any demon gods prancing about the closed-off campus, whereas the sight of their current Paladin standing around like a dope is a fairly normal one.

With a mental sigh of distaste, he heads over to greet the man, supposing he should at least provide the bare minimum of proper Academy hospitality in this confusing situation.*

Good day, Mr. Angel-- *he tips his hat to the man with his usual ironic smile* And what a pleasure to see you as always. Have you only just arrived?
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Mephisto would like to stay far away from your arms tyvm

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*this gets an eyebrow raise; the man's nasty sneer is pretty standard, but he's not used to playing verbal sparring games with this particular bastion of truth and justice. Actually, Angel tends not to get jokes, as far as Mephisto has ever noticed.*

Why, how kind. *beam* I'm terribly pleased it meets your exacting standards, my friend! You know how much your approval has always meant to me. *beeeeeam*

Sadly, it's minus much of its population at the moment, but I suppose accidents happen when one is dealing with extradimensional shenanigans.
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screeeeeeech we need an adult. oh wait we're several hundred years old

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I must confess it's a bit of a mystery even to myself... *shrugging. He hasn't stopped noticing how you're acting quite odd, Angel; but he'll at least give out the most basic of information for a bit while he tries to decide what's going on*

But someone out there has seen fit to separate this academy off into its own little dimensional space, it seems. Or perhaps it happened spontaneously; the universe can be quite the mysterious place. *smile*
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wow gtfo dude did you not get the memo where we ran away from home

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*all right, that's a little more par for the course. Perhaps Angel is just having an unexpected attack of wit today, or perhaps it's because they're completely alone? Either way, he gives a smirk at those words*

Ah yes, that would be quite the miracle indeed, wouldn't it? For this humble infernal to understand our creator better than the master himself, the exalted Paladin. Why, I'm sure the very mind of God must have been made known to you the second they scribbled the title on your file after discovering they were short any better replacements.

*smiiiiiile. Of course he can give as good as he gets, and in a place like this there are no real consequences to letting loose as he pleases. It's a shame the actual Arthur Angel wasn't around to hear that one... Though he could care less about God either way, dad -- it's not like God ever cared about him.*

I have yet to find any real evidence of a conscious force behind the happenings here. At this point, I truly believe the matter could go either way.
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FUCK YOU DAD WE DON'T NEED A THERAPIST besides that guy's totally screwing an angel you know

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*his grin just twitches wider at that; despite the other's oddly calm demeanor, he can't help being terribly amused at Angel inevitably taking his bait. Sure, insulting the man's overblown pride is low-hanging fruit, but it's always the one thing sure to get an entertaining reaction.*

I'm so terribly sorry, Mr. Angel... *shaking his head with an ever-so-sad shrug* I know it hurts to admit one is simply no match for the prior generation, but fear not, you're still young! I'm sure given another fifteen years or so, you will have come closer to matching at least a fraction of your predecessor's accomplishments.
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I'm afraid, Mr. Angel, that I have said all I have to say on that subject. *have a rather smug grin* The Grigori tried me themselves, did they not? And here I am with my head still attached to my shoulders. If you have a problem with their verdict, you shall have to take it up with them personally...

*waving his hands around him with a sardonic smile* As soon as you figure out how to leave this place. Since I'm afraid none of us has any clue.
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SCREW YOU we're gonna run away to Assiah and wear weird hipster clothes and date exorcist scene kids

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Mephisto just watches him go with a polite wave.*

Do enjoy your stay at the Academy, Mr. Angel~ *beam* I'm sure everyone else about will be just tickled pink to see you~~!!

*well, that was an odd little encounter; he supposes Arthur must think he's got some wonderful plan up his sleeve to be so unusually smug. His retreat from even bothering to try holding a conversation with Mephisto had been about as quick as usual, but -- Mephisto supposes he'll have to keep an extra-close eye on the man. An arrogant, idiotic mere human he may be, but nevertheless he was made Paladin for a reason, and he could muck things up in various ways within this closed-off space if he so chose.

Once a few days have passed, though, it doesn't concern him quite so much anymore. He's still keeping tabs on Angel now and then, but the man hasn't seemed to do anything out of the ordinary for him -- at least not that Mephisto has noticed -- and things remain basically quiet inside the Academy grounds. One afternoon he's retired for a break after inspecting the barrier around the school's far perimeters, leisurely lounging about under the dappled shade of a tree in one of the campus parks (where the weather is nice because the mun says so), dressed in his favorite pink yukata and enjoying some tea and wagashi.*
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wow dad personal space :|!!!!! 1/2

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*there's a sharp intake of breath as he instantly recognizes the familiar blue fire---*
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also WOW RUDE that is totally none of your business 2/2

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*and he goes very still then, posture stiff as something like a bestial growl rumbles low in his throat, only just enough to be felt under Satan's fingers. Now would probably be a good time for daddy to use some of those fancy demonic powers as all his son's concentration and supernatural senses converge on the figure holding him captive.*

Goodness. The sunshine, the breeze, the tweeting birds. What a wonderful day you've picked for our joyous reunion, Father. *he's as sardonic as ever, voice a little strangled due to the hand pressing on his windpipe* Have you been enjoying my Academy for long?
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hey we have standards, frex we don't want to know if our *relatives* have unmentionable piercings

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We had a bargain, didn't we?... *his lips twist in a wide grin, wavering only the slightest bit as dark blood runs down his chest and the open front of his yukata* You were content to let me raise the boy. I don't recall any stipulations as to how I was to raise him...

*that's not to mention Yukio, of course, or any of the number of less-than-loyal ideas he may have given Amaimon. But it's the one that will probably annoy his father the most, and well -- there's a reason he's the white sheep of the family. He's certainly not going to sit here and cower either, despite his disadvantaged position; Satan will do as he likes no matter what Mephisto says, so he may as well speak his mind.

Meanwhile, ignoring the pain, he's doing his level best to try and decide whether he recognizes that voice.*
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wow dude get out we're surprised you didn't *eat* us when we were a baby

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Mm. *a brief, slightly breathless laugh, closing his eyes for a moment underneath the other's hand* I must say, I was rather irked at you for that one... He was terribly entertaining. So hard to replace a good toy...

*he exchanges words, but doesn't bother striking back with his body, simply standing there and letting Satan do as he will for now. It's a matter of probability, and practicality. The fact that Mephisto's not dead yet means his father still wants him alive for some reason; therefore there's no real need to resist. Fighting back physically will only encourage further retaliation, which might or might not end up being fatal depending on Satan's mood. On balance, the wisest course of action in a situation like this is to let him play around for a while, until he's done talking and gets bored.

Even if it does hurt like a bitch.*

But I assure you, Father-- *lips twitching in a slightly weary grin again* I have hardly forgotten your many means and methods... even if you do tend to lean on the more-- unsophisticated ones...

*and hard as he concentrates, the voice doesn't sound familiar, save for the parts of it that sound unmistakably like Satan. The other's going to some trouble to disguise himself this time, it seems -- Mephisto doesn't know what it means that Satan's been standing here this long and isn't burning up his mortal body with the flames. Will he actually be able to stay in this place somehow?*

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[Something was wrong. It wasn't just this place; she'd gotten more-or-less accustomed to its oddities in the short time she'd been here. No, it was something else and it smelled rotten, more than just the lilt in Arthur's voice or the subtle changes in the way he carried himself. Damned if she'd let her feelings of unease show, however.]

Oi, Baldy. I was wondering when ya'd show up here.

((You have all my love right now I don't even--))

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[Shura has to struggle not to laugh. The thought of prim and proper Arthur calling her "Washboard"... It almost feels like they're back in school together.

Unfortunately, it's all the more reason to be concerned.]

This place just don't feel like home without yer ugly mug.


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Some kinda dimensional rift.

[She shrugs, stuffing her hands into her pockets and running a thumb over the vial of holy water that's inside one.]

Ya mind walking with me? It can get kinda spooky in the halls...

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You get used to things after being stuck with 'em for a few months.

[She only smiles at him, all flattery and feminine charm.]

Only sometimes♥ It never hurts to be cautious, don't you think?

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Nyahahhaha, you ain't changed at all~

[She keeps a friendly distance between them, perhaps just a bit closer than one might expect.]

But this gives us some time to catch up, don't ya think?

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Neh, neh, don't be that way!

[Shura reaches to pinch his cheek with fingers wet with holy water.]

Yer downright unsociable.

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Heh, fair enough.

[The slight reaction is all she needed to see to confirm her suspicions: namely, that this is more than your run-of-the-mill demon possessing Arthur. It was a method more direct than she'd normally like, being a Senior Inspector and all, but if there's one thing she's learned through her work it's to never jump to conclusions.

He's exactly where she needs him to be, anyways.

She steps back, biting her thumb to bleeding and smearing the red fluid on the walls of the hallway in a single motion. Sigils light up on the wall, blocking off either end of the hallway in a manner not unlike what she'd used in the forest training camp.]

Too bad yer stuck with me now.

[The great things about most seals is they can keep demons out or in, be they coal tars or princes of Hell.]

((Might be twisting the rules a bit here, so just tell me if there's anything you want me to change!))
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[Shura's eyes widen as he so effortlessly steps through the circle. When the holy water had only had a slight affect she knew she'd be dealing with big, but this is huge.]

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[But then again, why worry? She's been lacking in excuses to punch Arthur's smug face lately anyways. In a contained place such as this, the danger's at a minimum and any Exorcist worth their salt knows the procedures to follow when a comrade is possessed.

This could be fun.]


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(Yukio was too engrossed in his book to notice that someone just appeared out of nowhere, so it really wasn't much of a surprise when he gave a startled jump when Angel spoke. Bitty boy looked up--

Uuah! What a pretty person!)


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(A pretty AND nice person! Smiling shyly.)


D-DON'T EAT HIM? B(((((((

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(Pretty name? That's the first time he's heard those words coming from a man. Usually they came from ladies that like to pinch his and Rin's cheeks.

Yukio glanced down at the rather large book on his lap and his cheeks took on a rosy hue. Showing the other kids would earn him some laughing and teasing-- but Angel's an adult! Maybe... maybe he won't mind?

Hesitantly, Yukio showed him the book; it was about first aid.)

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[Since the last time he and Angel were around each other and he had his foot literally cut off; Rin wasn't exactly keen on the Paladin. He'd intended to show the prick that he wasn't just some demon that only deserved death when they next met.

Today unfortunately was not that day. He's still a ways from becoming an exorcist. So he responds to the others words with a grunt, trying to stay focused on the book he was supposed to be studying from for the exam.

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[Angel just liked finding Rin's buttons and smashing them with hammers didn't he. At least that's what he thinks is the case. His tail gives an irritated swing while Rin tries to remain focused on the page he was reading.]

I didn't choose to be that. [He snaps back, unable to deny his heritage in the presence of the paladin. He was of no relation to that filthy monster as far as he was concerned, he ... just wasn't exactly human anymore. ]

Don't you have other things to do? Like digging in the trash for more of your 'made to order' clothes??