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Southern Cross Monastery—it’s located on a relatively small stakeout of land completely surrounded by urban sprawl. The concrete walls barely separated the surrounding office and apartment buildings, a few billboards were visible from the property’s courtyard. Those gates were open just before dawn, anyone is welcome enter the monastery: provided they are able to pass the protective sigils. Those should not be a problem for ordinary humans.

One lone person stood in the courtyard, near the doorway of one building. Despite being dressed in priest’s garb, he still wore a scarf wrapped around his neck, and had his hands stuffed into his pockets to keep warm out in the winter chill. However, there’s nothing to grumble about. The forecast called for snow on this day, and snow was his favorite thing about this season.

(( OOC: Haah... no idea if this sort of scene is allowed since it doesn't quite fit the scenario in the community description. If not, PM me and I'll remove the post. But anyway! It's an open post, time setting before the series beginning. So, how soon before the series beginning is up to you. I'll roll with it. ))

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"Aren't you cold, old man?"

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Rin rolled his eyes. "You've said that a thousand times!" He had his hands shoved in his pockets and his nose buried in a scarf. Unlike his father, Rin wasn't as stubborn resilient in cold weather, so he bundled up fairly well.

"Why have you been standing out here so long anyways? Mail doesn't come today-" There's the crunch of snow under his shoes as Rin heads over to Shiro's side.
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A series of three snowballs comes from the left and loud laughter gives Shura away before she even appears, leaning against one of the gates with a smirk on her face. If there's a bit of a glare it's because war is going to be on if he makes one wrong move.

A snowball war, of course.
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Her laughter pretty much gives away her location so she comes out of hiding, smirking cockily at Shiro.

"Come on, grandpa, let's see what ya got!"

Shura pulls another snowball from behind her and tosses it in his direction before quickly crouching down. Her hands move fast, forming several more snowballs to form a proper arsenal, and soon they too are flying towards him.

There's a certain amount of satisfaction to be felt pelting the old man with snow.

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[Shura scrambled through the gates of the monastary, bundled up tight and clutching the strap that kept her her cloth-bundled sword on her back. She was about fourteen now, gangly and awkward in the middle of her growth spurt. Next year she would be enrolling in True Cross Academy full time, courtesy of Mephisto Pheles.]


[No honorifics, as usual. In fact it was the only warning she gave him before ramming into him head-on, fully intending to knock him over.]

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[Standing ankle-deep in snow indeed, although she didn't mind all that much. In fact she'd hardly squirmed when he picked her up.]

Takashi woke me up early to take me to training this morning.

[Yet another foster family had graciously consented to take her in and allow her continued training. Still, she scowled up at Shiro with a look that had grown more frequent since the twin's birth three years ago.]

Ya weren't at the Academy so I came here. [Hence, the headbutt.] Shitty old man.
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[Shura turned on her heel and started back towards the gates of the monastery. His forgetfulness had stung less when she was younger and he was still a full-time Exorcist, but knowing now he was neglecting her training to take care of two other brats he'd found...

Well, there was no use dwelling on it. She takes on a teasing tone.]

It ain't like yer training's doing much good anyways♫


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[Shura stumbles forward as the snowball beans her in the head.]


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[And then whips around, hurling a snowball at him in return.]

I ain't slackin'!


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(Playing hide-and-seek is fun-- when it's not snowing and he's not freezing.

Too bad Rin is a persuasive kid.

Yukio's wandering around the courtyard, searching for his big brother while looking like a bundled up marshmallow.)


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(May? More like does.

Bitty marshmallow gave a squeak and turned around to face his father, face red from both cold and embarrassment.)


(Shiro's sentence finally registered in his head; Yukio looked down at his boots to check, then back up.)

My boots are on properly!