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[Somewhere on the school grounds, preferably near a body of water, there's a two-tailed cat sitting at the edge of a lake. Just sitting there, staring at something intently in the water. You think he was just a statue, how still this cat is just sitting there.

He watches, and he watches...waiting. Suddenly, there is movement, a swipe! The water ripples and splashes about. Something quickly swims away beneath the water. The cat let's out a disgruntle growl.]

Next one! I'll catch the next one!

[Ooc: Since this is a DR...I guess you can actually hear what Kuro's saying if you want? 8|a]


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[ And from somewhere behind him, a fairly good-humored priest is on his way back from the grocery store. Take things as they come, that's Shirou's motto. And they appear to be trapped in Mephisto's beloved school grounds, but the food is good, there aren't any demons running rampant as far as he can see, and really, there's no point in panicking until he has a good idea of what's going on.

Besides, a guy's gotta eat.

Speaking of which-- ]

Kuro? Having a little trouble there?

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[ ...Kuro looks awful surprised to see him here. Has it been that long? Shrugging it off mentally, Shirou just continues to smile and skips on down that bank to meet his familiar, setting down his grocery bags so that he can better reach out to pet the little demon. ]

I'm sure you can. Do you want some help, though? I've been known to be quite the angler!

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...well, actually, I'm not too sure myself. One minute I'm setting eyes on a very blessed young lady, if you catch my drift, and the next I'm here? And I can't seem to get out either. I've been meaning to catch Mephisto and ask him what's what, but I thought I'd make some dinner first...

Are you hungry, Kuro?

[ Because Shirou has snacks. Right here, in this bag he's reaching into right now. ]

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Well! Actually, I bought a little of everything. What would you like to eat? We could make Rin's favorite sukiyaki and see who shows up? Or did you have your heart set on fish?

[ In the meanwhile, Shirou pulls out some yakitori in a small paper sack and tears off a piece to offer Kuro as a snack. ]

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Rin is the sort of glutton who'd need his own fish after dinner, isn't he? [ Shirou quips this with a barking laugh, waiting for Kuro to take the offered food before withdrawing his hand. ]

Come on, then. Let's go find a kitchen somewhere we can borrow. Would you mind helping with the vegetables?

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Rin has a place now? [ So Mephisto has him staying in the old dorms with Ukobach, huh? That makes well enough sense, he supposes. ] I'm not sure if I can get Ukobach to relinquish his kitchen to me, but maybe he'll make the sukiyaki if we ask nicely.

Well, hop on then. [ Shirou's offering Kuro a shoulder. ] Then once I find a decent place to stay, you can come over and we can cook together later. How does that sound?

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[ Shirou has to laugh at that, picking up his bags again in one hand so that he can use the other to scritch Kuro behind the ears. ]

Stay with you guys, huh? I don't know, we'll have to see about that. The boys might be relieved to finally have gotten away from me.

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Don't worry, I plan on it. [ Have more fond scritching as they amble on over to aforementioned abandoned dorms, and Shirou guides them up to the kitchen. ]

Hey, Ukobach! You in? I brought stuff for sukiyaki!


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[There are so many levels of 'do not want' Night is going through. The first being his return to his feline form, the second being in the presence of another demon while in said form. He was far from scared of the two tailed cat with ten years of constant fighting now under his belt.

But that didn't stop him from being cautious, pinning his ears back and watching Kuro from afar.


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[ So long as Kuro doesn't notice Night will be sneaking closer. Bi-pedal or not, he was still an exorcist. It was his job to make sure this cat demon wasn't up to anything bad.

Of course, standing on two legs for so long has made his walking a little bit less than graceful. So Night trips over his own paws and goes tumbling into the lake Kuro was fishing from.

.... [Yeah, stealth plan, completely ruined.]

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[Night backed away from the cait sith. Hackles raised and hissing loudly at the demon. For a moment he bitterly thought about how it'd been 'too long' since he reverted back to his original form. Had he never wanted to become human, he might not have forsaken his ability to fight without a weapon. ]

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[He in the very least stopped hissing, but Night seems to have little interest in dropping his guard. ]

I'm fine. What's a demon like you even doing here.

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I'm an exorcist. I'm supposed to be here. [ His tail flicks with agitation as Night gets himself out of the pond.]

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[If he gets too close Kuro can expect Night to snarl again. ]

Yes I am. Upper First Class-an inspector. [Taking a few steps away to put a much more comfortable distance between them. Night didn't trust demons of any sort, but Kuro wore an emblem around his neck similar to the patch on his jacket. He was affording him a few graces.]

Though I don't normally look like this

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[...He'd never had friends other than Monaka.]

Night, and no. There's a spell that keeps my body human--I don't know what broke it.

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If I knew where my things were I'd just call them.

[Night relaxes a little, finally.]

It's different. A lot different.

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You're doing it all wrong. Like this [And up he goes on his hind legs, as if he'd been doing it his whole life.]

[The faintest of smiles is permeating Night's cautious disposition. ]
It's around here somewhere--I can take care of myself.
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