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[ It's Yaozou's one day off.

All the boys are out. Renzou is with their young master off at school. Kinzou and Juuzou are with Mamushi on a small expedition to catch some unidentified minor demons making a fuss in a nearby village. His wife is with their remaining three children on a much-needed vacation, according to her, and Yaozou had been all too willing to volunteer himself to hold down the fort with Uwabami while they were all out.

Uwabami only just left after they'd had themselves a game of shougi and tea.

Yaozou had been inches away from settling himself down to do some much-needed weeding in his vegetable garden. Utter peace and quiet had been promised to him for at least another two days.

This. This is unacceptable.

He glances around the academy grounds with a stern eye, maintaining his composure. (Although there is a distinct twitch beneath his eye now. Buddha has it out for him. There is no other explanation than that. He must have been a murderer and a rapist and a child-killer in a past life, sent into this one purely to atone for those sons. ) ]

Demons, show yourselves!

[ Because if it's not a demon who did this to him, boy are they going to wish that they'd been born with the regenerative capabilities of one. Or possibly never born at all.

ooc note: Yaozou's taken from much prior to the Impure King incident because having him hobbling around on crutches, while badass like nothing else, seems a bit cumbersome. Also boils. ]

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[ This situation is unsettling--Juuzou did not recall departing far from Kyoto, and these new surroundings seemed awfully familiar. However impossible it seemed, this place looked an awful lot like the True Cross Academy!

He spent at least a good half hour treading along cautiously, without any sort of explanation for his appearance here. Until he heard a familiar voice, and picked up his pace to seek its origin--ah, hah! His father is here, as well!

Wait, what? ]


[ He stops only a few paces behind his old man. ]

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[ The whole Shima brood of offspring had a way about becoming collectively unruly, however much he tried to be the keeper of his brothers. Sorry, dad. Juuzou confirmed, ]

Supposed to be.

[ He raised a hand to rake through his own hair, still at a loss over this situation. His attention shifted around this hallway, looking for anything which might indicate their location. ]

This place does seem a bit familiar...

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-- Right, it looks almost exactly as I remember.

[ Now, where they were located in the academy? Anyone's guess! The building was grandiose and much similar to a labyrinth. Juuzou never did discover all the wings of the building before graduation from his studies. ]

Got it.

[ Juuzou took a glance over his shoulder before proceeding onward, after his his father. ]

Do you have any idea how we managed to get here?

[ He's still rather dumbfounded over how this managed to occur. ]

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[ That old guy seemed really pissed, and probably a little crazy with the way he was yelling about demons. Not that Rin could ever deny their existence after looking at himself.

But he will be doing his best to stay out of that guy's way, since y'know, he technically was a demon.

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Okumura Rin!! I'm an exwire [And the son of Satan, but hey details he didn't like to vocalize.] and this is the True Cross academy!

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[ That remains to be seen doesn't it...]

Ask Mephisto. He's the one with the magical dimensional hopping wonder keys.
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No. [ He could barely get a hold of the guy via phone--]

But I've got his number.

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[ Kinzō has no idea what happened, and quite frankly, he doesn't really care. Maybe it's the adrenaline that's doing it. He can still feel the rush, though it's beginning to wear off after all the time he spent running around campus. He's not in Kansas Kyoto anymore, that's for sure.

And then he hears and sees those pompoms that are identity markers his father and pauses mid-step. That is his father, isn't it? It's hard to tell when he's staring at the back of the man's head, but everything matches from the voice to the hair color to the outfit. But you know what, it sounds like his father; therefore, it must be him! Yes! ]

Pops? What are you doing?

[ Why aren't you in bed, are you hallucinating. ]

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[ It is his father. Kinzou pauses. Wait, why is he here. Why are they here?

Image . . .

Oh, well. This thought process occurs in the span of a second at the most, because what does it matter. It's already happened. ]

I was with the others, but Mamushi's at the ryokan.

[ All things considered, he isn't that angry with Mamushi. However, there is something different about his father today . . . Ah, yes. It clicks, and like it's the most natural question in the universe: ]

When did you get better?

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[ Kinzou doesn't miss a beat, strange as the question is. Maybe his father's memories got hazy from the recovery. All Kinzou has to do is jostle them, then! He hasn't quite caught on yet that he and Yaozou are on different wavelengths. For all he knows, Yaozou's just a little cranky over suddenly being at school. (Are they going to school the Impure King to death?) ]

The miasma. I think it was, anyway, since you were there during the incident with the Right Eye.

[ He mostly paid attention the fact that his father was ill, and little more since that was enough to fire him up. Not to mention bubbles had been growing as of late . . . That was a little unnerving, but nothing Yaozou couldn't overcome, clearly. Still, isn't the timing of that a bit strange? Hmm. ]

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[ Uh.

Maybe something malicious is at work. A demon . . . !? But wait, let's hear him out. Kinzou raises a brow, not quite confused nor surprised, but more thinking that his father isn't in his right mind to be so taken back. Kinzou, at the very least, appears overly calm despite the words he just uttered -- because it's nothing new! It's old news!

Who'da thunk it? ]

You okay, Pops? Did you hit your head?

[ That last part is honestly out of sincere concern. ]

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[ Dang, his father's high strung right now. Because Kinzou realizes the severity of the situation, breaking the news (again?) to Yaozou is bound to make things go screwy. Oh, well. He was never one to keep things from his family. Here goes. ]

Mamushi took it and revived the Impure King with one of her old teachers. You were pretty sick, but you led everyone into the fight anyway. How come you don't remember?

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[ He hasn't done the incense thing in years and he's reminded of the time Mamushi did actually try to do more or less that by summoning Naaga. Oops.

At any rate, Kinzou feels like this conversation has taken a very odd, very sharp, very wrong turn somewhere. Clearly, the best solution is to raise his volume, too, though it lacks anger of any sort. He's only being louder for the sake of being louder. ]

But you were, and Mamushi knows it, too! We were doing some heat sterilization when I wound up here!

[ Maybe he should have tried clearing up what he already said instead of throwing more variables in there, but. Eh. Everything should wrap up nicely in the end. ]

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[ Kinzou promptly shuts up and lowers his volume when he speaks back up, creasing his brows and racking his brain for the time his father is talking about. He remembers numerous missions with Juuzou and Mamushi, and counting the occasions his mother went on vacation . . .

It clicks, though the implications behind the question have yet to reach him. ]

Oh, that? That was months ago.

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[ Kinzou stares, taking the words in slowly. That doesn't make sense, because time doesn't pass by that fast with one blink and Yaozou's been active as ever in those months in-between. A pregnant pause, then he asks in a grave tone. ]

Are you senile?

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[ Kinzou sticks one foot one behind him to maintain his balance as he's unexpectedly struck in the face. Ow. Bent at an angle awkward from the force of the punch, he springs back into place, largely ignoring the red spot on his cheek. ]

That hurt, Pops! And isn't that what it's called!?

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[ Like the obedient son that he is, Kinzou takes a second to look around, turning his head both ways in an almost exaggerated fashion. He comes right back to Yaozou when he hears the rest of the short lecture. ]

You mean you're just from the past and didn't forget anything? There's an actual power to do something like that?


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[ Indeed, the occurrence is such a common enough one that Kinzou isn't too alarmed by the redness of his father's face; as well, the words of exasperation fall on deaf ears for their redundancy. However, the mention of demons straightens him right up. He grins. ]

Then there has to be a dangerous demon on the prowl. I'll exorcise it!

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[ ?

Ever the (largely) obedient son, Kinzou steps forward towards his father. It's a rather random demand, but who's he to doubt Yaozou? Totally clueless of what his father is actually more or else thinking, he flashes Yaozou an innocent look. Maybe he needs a weapon. Kinzou has his k'rik; he can hand it over! ]


[ What up, Pops.

Nope, he sees no bush. ]
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*sure, why not. Here is a demon showing himself. --Oh hey, it's the Kyoto branch head, sup subordinate-of-ours*

You rang, Mr. Shima? *and have a smile and a bow*

*it's cool if you hit him with the shakujou, man, he can take it.*
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*did you ever consider that maybe that's intentional, Yaozou. True meaning of the poofy pants: psychological warfare???

but yes it is probably fairly natural to see the Headmaster standing around in his own school, actually. Mephisto chuckles a bit as he reaches up to tap his chin, then gives a bit of a shrug.*

In a way, I suppose one could say so? But I haven't called you here for any emergency, Mr. Shima. Actually your being called here in the first place is the problem in itself. *pausing with a brief chuckle* --Well, one of them.