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hey 'sup it's gratuitous OC o'clock

[ Hinata feels strangely light-headed, but warmer than he had the moment before. His fingertips are still stiff and numb, his gait stumbling, but somehow his back feels sun-warmed and the breeze is gentle against his face. But that's impossible. Last he remembers, it was night and--


He drops to his knees, clutching at the diagonal slash wounds across his chest which are bleeding profusely, his torso in ribbons, sliced open almost deeply enough to see the whites of his ribs. It doesn't hurt much, though. Nothing does. He stares sightlessly at the ground, unaware of his surroundings. He's focused on just one thing. He tries to breathe and make his fingers flex, to make his body obey him as it wouldn't only minutes ago. Just one small twitch.

His fingers close, and his body sags in relief. His mind is empty, void of everything but himself.

That's good. That means it's gone, and he's himself again. That means-- ]


[ His voice is rasping and dry, and he sluggishly lifts his gaze to try to find his familiar. ]

Hey, Night-- I'm... I'm sorry.


[ ooc note: Yep, OC from the pilot chapter here. This is Satou Hinata, better known as the host body to Night from the Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident. All of this is completely made up with no shortage of gratuitous made-up details. More details can be found on his profile! Please do forgive us for our self-indulgences and bother him a little if you'd like! ]

nope never forgiven

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[ It's not often that one sees oneself bleeding profusely (to death?) in the middle of the public, and it's a sight Night certainly wasn't expecting. His feet had taken him to his destination of their own accord. He'd thought it was perhaps his instincts picking up on a demon nearby, but he's proven terribly, terribly wrong when he sees himself.

Well. There's no demonic presence here besides his own self. Either this is a trick, or by the process of elimination and the words he strains to hear from the doppelganger . . .

Hinata . . . !?

[ He sprints over to the newly identified body. That's impossible. And if this is in fact a trick (he remembers those wounds, even from this distance. He doesn't even need to look all that closely), he can always retaliate. He's dealt with trickery plenty of times in the past. But he needs to check, and see. ]

. . . /dives off cliff after you

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[ Night is beside Hinata within seconds. He listens quietly, but scowls at the last few words. ]

Don't talk like you're dead when you're not.

[ Or was he? Night isn't ready to wholly accept this stranger as Hinata, yet, but he'd responded positively. It doesn't hurt to play it safe. Nevertheless, he glances at the wound, unnecessary as the gesture is. He already knows how severe it is. He's seen one exactly like it before. ]

You're not going to last if you stay here.

[ He probably wouldn't last at all. ]


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I'm not you.

[ Night can never be Hinata.

A pause, then he answers: ]
This is the Academy. I don't know what you did or how you got to this spot, but you're here, and something's going to be done about this.

[ But there's little Night can do himself. He doesn't have the necessary equipment to treat Hinata, much less the extensive knowledge of a Doctor class to do so.

The more he looks at this "copy" before him, the more he sees a human . . . ]

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[ That seems to be evidence enough. Who else would ask about a cat sith in that condition? No, Night remembers very well inflicting such injuries on his "tamer" years back. They were seared into his memories, and it's no feat to recall them with a single glimpse.

Funny how this academy works, except it's not funny at all. ]


[ He doesn't see him because he is him, and he's not hurt. Night squares his shoulders and looks over Hinata, before deciding that he's going to have to haul the man inside for treatment. The injuries are nowhere near as life-threatening as the final blow, which Hinata doesn't seem to have suffered. ]

I'm taking you inside.

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[ It's so silly that he could laugh, but Night's quickly reminded that Hinata should not be here, much less be around to be surprised at looking into his own face. It's strange enough for Night, and he's the one with a borrowed body, and the one to watch over Hinata the whole time he was unconscious.

Night peers over the side of the bed where Hinata fell, expression relatively blank. ]

You're up.

[ And very suddenly, at that. ]

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[ There's another for a laugh. Of all the words to describe Hinata, "crazy" is the last thing to come to mind. This time, Night cracks a grin and simply talks, not bothering to offer a hand. Maybe he should, just to prove that he's real and not an illusion, but Hinata should have to support himself now and then. ]

Yeah. Actually, we can pass as identical twins.

[ If not more. Cognitive intelligence aside, it's the same body. ]

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[ I'm you.

The words are at the tip of his tongue, but he holds them back. Those two words, if he were to utter them, would reconnect the bridge between them, and Night would maybe have Hinata back in his life. Someone who understood and was so down to earth and worked so hard -- and didn't deserve the fate that he got. But it would be selfish to take that back when it could cause complications, and Night isn't keen on making matters more difficult.

So he decides to skirt around the topic. ]

Don't think so much. I'm nothing dangerous.

[ To you. ]

I'm just an exorcist, like you.

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[ Night lets that train of thought go through, effectively shifting the subject of the conversation. He can get around being interrogated for now. He has no intention of telling Hinata anything until -- if ever -- the time is right. He just can't. ]


[ The familiar came before Hinata was unconscious. There was a difference. Folding his arms, Night casts Hinata a stern glare. ]

You were the one that was possessed, so focus on recuperating first. I doubt your familiar would want to keep you from recovering.

[ He doesn't. ]

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[ Being snapped at rather hurts -- but just by a little, and Night would sooner snort than show signs of this because it's . . . well. Hinata doesn't have a clue and Night is the one that brought it onto himself. Anyway.

There's no way he's letting Hinata walk out that door after accusing him of not understanding. ]


[ It's a harmless calling of his name, but with a certain forcefulness behind it. His former tamer is not leaving if he can help it. ]

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I had to.

[ That much he blurts out, and he's having none of that when Hinata insists on leaving.

Fine. He can have it his way. Night wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret for too long, anyway. Want to make things harder to bear? Fine. Lying is too bothersome. ]

This is your body.

Who do you think I am? I'm fine.

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[ It's a good thing they're alone in here, because while this won't be a long talk, it's one he'd rather not be heard by anyone else. Night stares for a good second or two before looking off to the side. He's looked at that face for years, but to see it not on himself, while not his originally, is unsettling still. ]

You gave it to me. I've had it for over ten years.

[ This body, the very one that had belonged to his Tamer and allowed him to do so much more than before. He's never possessed any other human before, but Night knows that with anyone else, the experience wouldn't have been so . . . sweet. Bittersweet. ]

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[ Night stares again. There's nothing demonic about Hinata as far as he can tell. Given current circumstances, that's actually unusual. Raising his head, the only difference an outsider might perceive is the sharper features due to Night's half scowl. ]

No, you're still human. I don't know how it's possible, but both of these bodies are the real deal.

[ His hand twitches subconsciously. There are a couple things he can ask from hereon out. How did Hinata survive? What was the last thing he remembered? Said? Did? ]

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[ Ten years is a long time by human standards, so Night can understand if Hinata has to take a moment to swallow the news. Except he doesn't really do that, and ends up launching into some thing where he makes a load of generalizations and even gets the name of Night's life's purpose incorrect. Night's nose and ears are blowing steam. ]

I'm not in love!

[ For Gehenna's sake, Hinata, he is not in love with her.

He really isn't. ]

And her name's Monaka.

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[ Hinata. Hinata, Hinata, always living in the now and giving the complicated details not a single attention. He only shoots a slight frown at having his hair ruffled. The tension has already lifted by this point, and Night easily gets into the swing of being demanding, if for his Tamer's health's sake. ]

No tea. You're getting back on that bed.

[ And keeping a tightly shut lip on his deal with Monaka. ]

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[This Night doesn't come till much later, when Hinata has had a chance to bandage himself up. There were others ways he differed from the familiar the man had seen before. He hadn't taken possession of Hinata's body to gain the appearance that he had today, he'd been able to create a duplicate form. Since they'd met, he'd also defeated Pazuzu and given Monaka the safe life she deserves.

He'd long since accepted the death of his former friend, so when he runs into his virtual duplicate, Night freezes.

.... [ Hinata's body had been cremated, unless he was a ghost now there was no way he should be standing in front of him...! Which... if that were true, it was his job to exterminate the other....]

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[So long as he isn't eating souls then he's still on the good side.

Night stiffens almost immediately at the question, shaking himself back into gear.

Yeah, you can tell me why you have Hinata's body.

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Because-[It was the only one he wanted to copy. He wanted to be strong and he wished to be human. It wasn't a far stretch for him to take a form modled after a person he viewed in high esteem.

People were far less scrutinizing once he'd lost his quadrupedic appearance.

--I became an exorcist. [And a renowned one at that.]

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i am a terrible person.

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(Wandering down the path, shoulders hunched and hands clutched tightly together by his chest, Yukio was feeling more confused and terrified with each step he takes. He never meant to get separated from his nii-san or his tou-san; in fact, he's always the one to stick to either one of them and never let go.

But when he finds an injured person, his instinct to tend and care overrides his fear.)


(Bitty Yukio runs up to him, worry clearly on his face.)


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I... don't know where tou-san is.

(When the stranger coughs blood, Yukio finally realizes how much is around him. There's a lot. A lot. A person bleeding that much isn't good at all, that much Yukio knows because blood is suppose to stay inside the body.

The wounds and tears didn't seem so bad from a distance, but now he can see that mister is in a really bad shape and Yukio can't help but feel small and powerless and even more lost.

Just... just think of the few times when Rin would play pretend with him so he can get some doctor training!)

You shouldn't speak so much, mister! I'll-- I'll call for help!

... bring in an NPC? XD

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(Unfortunately for Hinata, Yukio is just as lost.)

I'll go look!

(There's got to be a phone or another person around, right? Yukio dashes off with high hopes in finding an adult to help him.)

oh i know how you feel OTL. work kept me away from the internet ahah ;;

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(Bitty Yukio waited patiently outside, fingers fidgeting with anything it can play with, just so he can keep himself occupied. The hurt stranger is with the doctors now, so he'll be alright. Or so Yukio tried to convince himself as he waited - and rubbed his eyes to stop his tears from falling. And waited - and rubbed his eyes again. And waited - and again.

It felt like forever even though he knew realistically that it took an hour or so, but at least the nurses kept him informed of the stranger's status. Once he was cleared, Yukio asked - politely, just like Tou-san told him to be! - if he could see him.

With a few quiet knocks, Yukio opened the door.)


(Bows politely.)

My name is Yukio Okumura.

(When he straightened, there's a combined expression of concern and curiosity.)

Are you okay now, mister?

LUCKY YOU mine's done next week /tears

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(His bright smile at Hinata's thanks dimmed sad expression, and he nodded.)

Tou-san and big brother Rin.

how do you keep getting me to tag you with all my accounts

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[A young boy with a strong wanderlust, he was so used to leading his father and brother around Rin often didn't look back to see if they followed him. So when he found himself alone, it wasn't... scary. Big brothers have to be brave! So he would be brave!

But the sounds of some guy... saying night?

Are you going to sleep mister...? [ Rin will toddle over, looking wide eyed-up to the adult with confusion.]


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[Rin walks up closer.]

Did you lose him?? [And that's when he see's the blood.]

Oh no-did a bully beat you up?! Where'd they go??! [Because every grown man wants to be protected by a child.]

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[Hey Rin was the last person who should be judging someone's dreams. For a little while there he wanted to be peter pan.]

Lies are bad! If you don't tell the truth you'll have to say ten Marys! [ Rin is now by Hinata's side tugging at the others arm, as if that would ease him into 'telling the truth'.]